Out at work with John Brindley Transport Ltd

Founded in 1927 by John Brindley Snr, and now with fourth generation family working within the groups’ businesses, Leicestershire based John Brindley Transport has nearly 100 years of experience in logistics, storage, servicing and hire. The company operates a varied fleet and like its FASSI crane prides itself on its versatility and flexibility in changing environments.
The company was recently involved in this interesting job to lift and transport a Hawker Hunter aircraft. The job itself involved dismantling the aircraft at RAF Scampton and then transporting the fuselage on the back of their tractor unit with FASSI crane to RAF Leeming.
The FASSI F820RA was used at both the collection and delivery point to remove the wings; load both trucks and then once transported reassemble the plane in the hangar in the reverse procedure ready for flight. The wings were kept in an upright position on an accompanying vehicle with flatbed trailer. The FASSI is the perfect partner for this kind of work with a combination of a lifting capacity of 3,655Kg at 16.5m and ‘mm’ precise control of movement from the Scanreco remote control.
The plane is still flying today and is in use regularly by various military contractors for testing purposes.

FASSI Classic 2024

FASSI UK are proud to continue as sponsor of the 2024 Bugatti Owners Club FASSI Classic Speed Championship.

The Bugatti Owners Club has owned & operated the famous Prescott Hill Climb course since 1938. The FASSI Classic Speed Championship is the UK’s leading hill climb series for the owners / drivers of classic cars.

Three types of car are eligible: saloons , sportscars & racing cars (both single seaters and sports racing cars). There are classes for pre 1977 cars & new for 2024 pre 1986 cars. Drivers must be fully paid-up members of the Bugatti Owners’ Club, & new for 2024 the licence required has been reduced to a MS-UK Interclub Licence which means it has never been easier to get involved.

There are 10 rounds kicking off at Loton Park on the 14th April, with each driver’s best 6 results counting to the final championship positions.

Scuderia FASSI are fielding two cars this season. Our Fiat Abarth 695 SS is back & we are joined by Dave ‘Paganelli’ Fripp in his 1974 Fiat Abarth 124 Spyder rally car. Dave’s Abarth has a long history, competing in many rally events during the 70’s & 80’s. Hopefully Dave won’t get as sideways as Paganelli !

Big thanks to Tony & his team at Middle Barton Garage for their pre-season prep work on both cars.

Click here to go to the FASSI Classic Speed Championship photo gallery.  

Elite group at FASSI

Our first group of certified installers have visited the FASSI Innovation Centre to learn about the new FASSI TECHNO crane systems.

We welcomed representatives from our Main Dealers Alltruck, Avon Crane, Central Crane Technicians, Macs Trucks, The Crane Centre & Walker Cranes.  

The elite group of highly experienced engineers were able to get hands on with the F1750HXP TECHNO under the guidance of FASSI’s experts. They reviewed the features & benefits of the new FX990 control & radio remote systems. Using the new FassiLim software program the group worked through the dynamic set up of the FSC TECHNO stability system.

It was inspiring to see everyone energised & exchanging knowledge with each other as they viewed the new systems through years of experience with the current generation of FASSI cranes. All agreed the TECHNO system is a huge leap forward for the engineer setting up the cranes as well as the operator using them.

On the last afternoon there was time for a tour of some of the manufacturing & assembly factories as well as spare parts logistics. All interspersed with some excellent lunches & dinners of course.

A very big thankyou to the team at FASSI Gru for the excellent training & hospitality.

TGCC sponsorship

FASSI UK are pleased to be the sponsors of Temple Grafton Cricket Club

Tucked away down the tracks beyond Grafton Court, amidst the borage and wheat fields you’ll find The Grafton Cricket Ground, home of Temple Grafton Cricket Club.

Wonderfully rural, charming and welcoming. They are fortunate to play at one of the most picturesque cricket grounds in the whole of the country. There has been cricket every summer at the GCG since 1879; barring a sojourn for the odd war or two, and they are slowly embracing twenty first century life with he recent installation of solar power and showers.

Cricketing ability is completely optional and they offer a range of cricket to accommodate this; they field two Saturday sides in the Cotswold Hills League, Sunday and midweek friendlies against a range of local and international touring sides, midweek 20-over social matches with their Grafton Select XI and a newly formed junior section.

The club strives to maintain a strong social ethos with the emphasis very much on participation, inclusivity and their legendary cricket teas! Regular social events keep the club together for twelve months a year and they host a renowned biennial tour to the Balearic island of Menorca to play their expat cricket team. This tour is keenly attended and they often attract guests and players from other local clubs.

Commenting on the deal FASSI UK’s Managing Director Leigh Carter said “I was immediately struck by the welcoming culture at TGCC & the focus on developing players’ potential within a supportive team. FASSI UK share these values, so I am pleased to have the opportunity to support the club & am looking forward to the new season.”


Right first time, every time

Mac’s Trucks Simon Aubrey joins our elite group of Certified Installers ensuring all FASSI cranes are set up & handed over correctly & consistently across the UK.

A Certified Installer has mastered the setup of the FASSI FSC-M, FSC-P & FSC-SII stability systems to ensure optimum lifting performance. They are ALLMI certified thorough inspectors, experts in crane installation wiring, pre-delivery inspection & handover familiarisation.

Simon served an apprenticeship with VW specialising in their commercial vehicles gaining full technician status before joining Mac’s Trucks.

After his stage one hydraulics training at National Fluid Power Centre he began his 12 month journey to Certified Installer under the guidance of our coach, Ken West.

Our academy is 10% training & 90% coaching to ensure the engineer can implement what they have been taught. To progress through the levels the engineer must demonstrate mastery of all the skills required. It takes a lot of time but creates real expertise.

Congratulations Simon.


FASSI x Investindustrial

The FASSI Group has today announced that the investment company ‘Investindustrial’ has signed an agreement to acquire a stake in the company. 

“I am extremely proud of the business my father founded in the 1960s and the management team and employees who have contributed to its ever-growing success. We are excited about partnering with Investindustrial to support Fassi’s next phase of growth, which will leverage Investindustrial’s significant expertise and knowledge of improving companies’ operational performance and geographical presence”.
Giovanni Fassi

Click here for the Investindustrial press release







Interview with Giovanni Fassi

THERE IS A TURNING POINT in the history of many Italian companies, one when awareness arises that in order to grow and become bigger it’s necessary to leave the comfort zone and change governance, at least a part. This is what happened to Fassi Group. The company, founded in 1965 by the Fassi family and with headquarters in Albino, in the province of Bergamo, manufactures a wide range of lifting equipment mounted on truck, among which loader cranes, skiploaders and hydraulic arm systems with hook, mainly for the forestry sector, but also for the ecological and environmental services, with particular focus on recycling, waste management and the construction industry.

The company is a leader in innovation of crane control systems and stability control technology, and it develops and produces electrically powered cranes. With a turnover of over 470 million euro in 2023, Fassi employs 1600 people worldwide with a major presence in more than 80 markets internationally and 18 production sites in Italy, France, Sweden and Malaysia.

But to grow, as the CEO Mr. Giovanni Fassi says, “at a certain point it has to be realised that the family management is not enough and therefore, to ensure business continuity, which is really important, it is good to work on governance’.

Hence the entry of new capitals and management into the Group by Investindustrial.

What is your dream?

“To grow. Therefore, I made several changes in the company, and I looked for partners with values similar to ours and with the same vision.”

How important is vision in your profession?

“It’s very important. If you want to work well and grow, you need to have a vision”.

Does it have a special meaning for you to do business in in a vocational area such as Bergamo and Lombardy?

“Doing business in Lombardy and in Bergamo surely has a special meaning, it has to do with values and with the culture of work. It is said that we are tireless workers. And actually, we are. This is true also for other parts of Italy, but here work really matters. In the 1960s, when my father Cipriano Franco Fassi, decided to start his business here, the vocation of this territory was more related to textiles than to mechanics. In those years it would have been much easier to develop a mechanic company elsewhere, for example in Emilia-Romagna, which has always been the land of motors. But doing business here was an incentive to do everything in-house”.

Have you developed skills in this way?

“ For this reason, we are even now very vertically oriented, as in those years we had to do everything in-house and, in doing so, we developed skills, ideas, productions.”

It’s a long way from your father to you, are you proud of that?

“Yes, very much. My father was born in 1930 and he had a great passion for mechanics. His father and his grandfather worked in the transport sector and owned trucks. In 1965 he started to work on crane mechanics by copying some products made in Sweden. It was natural for me in the 1990s to join the company and work alongside my father. I have never wondered if I wanted to do something else. This was right and natural. Joining the company and starting to work. Between me and my father there was 40-year difference, and I think, as for all family businesses, I was able to bring my own younger ideas, in respect of the work he had done. Then years passed and I found myself leading the group, on my turn, becoming fond of this work”.

How important is passion?

“Very much. Because it’s the key to work at our best and stay open to new challenges and better ideas”.

What kind of opportunity can an investment fund give to the company?

” We are small in the system in which we operate, therefore this is surely the key to grow. We believe that within a few years we will have a double-digit grow. I’m proud of the company founded by my father during the 1960s, of the management and of the collaborators that have contributed to its growing success. We are excited to start this journey with Investindustrial and support the next growing phase of Fassi, thanks to the significant experience and expertise of Investindustrial in increasing the operating performances and the geographical diversification of companies. Our values are completely aligned, as we have both always been committed to expand family-run industrial companies with a strong tradition and focus on sustainability. We look forward to working with the team to develop our shared projects and to forge new opportunities”.

If your opinion, is a company like yours able to attract new talents?

” I hope so and, in the area, where we are located, I must admit that there are still many people that are willing to do the jobs we look for, even workers and technicians. But a consideration is needful, as the market has been suffering and I’m afraid that in the future it will be more and more difficult to find skilled technicians, as schools are lacking. It’s an issue that the country should face.”

Fassi has a new technological hub, how important is innovation for growth?

“Innovation, safety, usability are fundamental for our work. Safety is a constant for all our products and our operations, it’s the milestone of our philosophy. Linked to safety is performance, meant as the ability to handle power. This is why we work to design innovative devices able to revolutionize the very idea of power. Another important objective is the usability of our cranes, understood as effectiveness and efficiency that become satisfaction and time saving for the end user”.

Xmas service helpdesk

Congratulations to our festive #fassifriday winner Stuart Richmond of Forsyth of Denny with a FASSI F820RA looking out over a snow filled Scottish landscape.

We wish all our customers, operators, dealers & service partners a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Our offices will close at 1200 on Friday 22nd December & will re-open on Tuesday 2nd January.

For the contact details of our authorised service partners click here: https://www.fassiuk.com/network/.

Over the holidays we will be operating a limited emergency call back service to assist you to stow the crane away for transfer to an authorised service point. Please call 01926 889779 for availability.



FASSI at Rallye Prescott

Scuderia FASSI took part in Rallye Prescott on Saturday 4th November, running up the hill in total darkness.

Rallying, despite being strongly associated with Welsh forests and mud, has a firm place in the history of Prescott Speed Hill Climb, with the hill having hosted the RAC Rally several times throughout the 1950’s. November 4th saw the hill and Bugatti Owners Club pay tribute to the awe-inspiring sport of rallying, its drivers, its co-drivers and the cars.

The event featured 100 cars from the early 1950’s right up to modern day machinery, taking to the hill in tribute to their Rally predecessors from times of past, as a fully timed competitive event.

Scuderia FASSI’s Fiat Abarth 695 SS was kitted out with spotlights & joined in the fun with both daylight and evening darkness runs.

Some great photography from Stuart Wing (check out the light trail as our Fiat goes round Ettores!), Max Hawkes & Steve Shelley.

A big thanks to the Prescott team & the army of Marshalls needed to run the day & to Middle Barton Garage for prepping the car for rallying.

Click here for a full list of the runners, times & winners.

FASSI Classic Speed Championship 2023 finale

After nine rounds the finale of the Bugatti Owners Club FASSI Classic Speed Championship took place at Prescott Speed Hill Climb on Saturday 7th October. The weather was fantastic for the second year running bringing out a large crowd of spectators & a 31 car championship field for them to enjoy.

Morning practice went without a hitch & the stage was set for some fast times & close competition in the timed afternoon runs. All competitors were pushing on, chasing championship finale glory, & the red flags started to mount. Incidents at Pardon & Ettores corners culminated with irreparable damage to the crash barrier leading to the meeting ending prematurely at 4pm.

The FASSI championship field were frustratingly denied their second timed runs so the results were settled without a dramatic final run off. A disappointing end but safety must come first & this is all part of motorsport.

The battle for the FASSI championship overall ‘King of the Hill’ was between Alistair Clark in the Triumph Vitesse Mk2 & John Louch in the Austin A40 Farina. John needed to win the saloon car class on the day & hope that Alistair finished lower than second. John did what he had to do taking first place by just four hundredths of a second, but Alistair put in a blistering drive, taking 1.71 seconds off his handicap for second place ahead of Phil Fisher in the Hillman Avenger & overall King of the Hill honours (by just a single point!).

Having narrowly missed out on King of the Hill, John had the saloon car championship win to enjoy with last years King of the Hill Stephen Akers in the Mini Cooper ‘S’ in second. Third place went to Mark Hobbs in his Escort Mk2 with some impressive points collected in the first seven rounds before mechanical problems ended his season early.

Ben Cross won the sports car championship, narrowly beating his father Tim by just five points in their shared MG Midget. There was a three-way battle for third place with Ian Beattie (Jaguar XK120), Gary Cox (Reliant Scimitar Coupe) & Steve Phennah (MGB) all tied on 35 points. The tie break rule of the most first places, second places etc. separated the three with Ian coming out on top. A great achievement especially as he drives his open top Jaguar to & from every event.

The racing car class went down to the wire with Jeremy Rivers-Fletcher (Triumph Special), Peter Thurston (Mallock Mk4) & Ben Fisher (Mallock MkII) all capable of taking the championship. All three were denied a 12-point round win by the flying Brabham BT16 piloted by Ian Baxter with the day’s fastest time of 45.28 seconds. A great drive by Peter of 45.33 seconds saw him take second place on the day but Jeremys fourth place drive was just enough to see him over the line to take overall championship honours.

Scuderia FASSI returned to saloon class competition after our accident in July left our Fiat Abarth 695 SS at the body shop for two months. We took a sensible pace as we eased ourselves back in both mentally & mechanically. It was great to be back on the hill. Despite our enforced lay off we still managed a respectable championship 8th (Dave) & 10th (Leigh).

Overall Points BOC FASSI 2023 Classic Speed Championship

Thanks to all the Bugatti Owners Club / Prescott Speed Hill Climb staff, Tim Milvain for the task of handicapping (not easy!) and all the Marshals for their tireless efforts all year (especially for recovering our crashed Fiat!). A big thanks from Scuderia FASSI to TCM & his team at Middle Barton Garage for getting us back in the race for the finale.

Thanks to our talented photographers Stuart Wing & Max Hawkes for the great finale photographs. Click here to go to the championship season photo gallery.

GOLD at Cranex

Last week we were pleased to welcome Mark Smith of Cranex to our Warwick HQ to receive his GOLD certified engineer accreditation from our Technical Director Steve Weavers. 

Cranex have been the FASSI Authorised Service Partner for North East England for over twenty years & Mark is one of our most experienced engineers.

GOLD certified engineers are the master technicians of the FASSI service network. They are experienced practitioners in the diagnosis & repair of the FX500, FX900 & FSC systems.

The FASSI Engineer Training Academy is 10% training & 90% coaching to ensure the engineer can actually implement what they have been taught. To progress through the levels the engineer must demonstrate mastery of all the skills required to our coach, Ken West. It takes a lot of time but creates real expertise.

Nothing great should ever come easy ….. congratulations Mark!