Right first time, every time

Mac’s Trucks Simon Aubrey joins our elite group of Certified Installers ensuring all FASSI cranes are set up & handed over correctly & consistently across the UK.

A Certified Installer has mastered the setup of the FASSI FSC-M, FSC-P & FSC-SII stability systems to ensure optimum lifting performance. They are ALLMI certified thorough inspectors, experts in crane installation wiring, pre-delivery inspection & handover familiarisation.

Simon served an apprenticeship with VW specialising in their commercial vehicles gaining full technician status before joining Mac’s Trucks.

After his stage one hydraulics training at National Fluid Power Centre he began his 12 month journey to Certified Installer under the guidance of our coach, Ken West.

Our academy is 10% training & 90% coaching to ensure the engineer can implement what they have been taught. To progress through the levels the engineer must demonstrate mastery of all the skills required. It takes a lot of time but creates real expertise.

Congratulations Simon.