Class of ’21

2021 has been busy for Ken West & the FASSI Training Academy with 20 engineer accreditations awarded.

We are pleased to have signed off a further five GOLD service engineers nationally, our highest accolade.

Our academy is 10% training & 90% coaching to ensure the engineer can actually implement what they have been taught. To progress through the levels the engineer must demonstrate mastery of all the skills required to our coach, Ken West. It takes a lot of time but creates real expertise. Nothing great should ever come easy!

Now entering its seventh year the academy currently has 49 active graduates with a total of 68 engineers enrolled, creating real expertise right across the UK.

Our latest graduates are Connor Boyd (Boyd Hydraulics) BRONZE, Mitch Morgan (The Crane Centre) SILVER, Mark Goulden & Steve Matthews (County Cranes) SILVER. Well done to all.