Out at work with Scotts Transport Ltd

Earlier this year the volunteers at The Kent Battle of Britain Museum Trust at Hawkinge were busy working on projects in preparation for re-opening their doors. One of the jobs was to paint and restore a set of wings from the Junkers Ju 52/3M (C.A.S.A. 352L).
Darren Scott is the go-to man for the museum to help with delicate jobs of this nature. Darren’s skills combined with the precision lifting and manoeuvrability of the FASSI F820RA.2.26 enabled the team to roll the wings over and back to their correct way up after the under surfaces had been restored and painted.
Volunteers helped Darren to push the fuselage of the Junkers Ju 52/3M into a space large enough to manoeuvre the wings. It was then over to Darren to attach straps and chains to the wings and then carefully roll them over. While volunteers kept a careful watch on both ends of the wings, Darren quickly and safely turned the first wing over, and then positioned prepared stacks of pallets on engineering skates under various areas of the wings, so they could be moved around the car park as required. The wing was then rolled back out of the way and the next wing pushed into position.
A carefully balanced lift made possible by a combination of Darren’s skills; the FASSI crane and the dedicated volunteers of the trust.
For more information about the museum visit: www.kbobm.org