F990RA super subframe design

FASSI dealer & certified installer Mac’s Trucks have designed a new subframe to enable the F990RA to be installed to a 4-axle chassis without compromising stability or payload.

Macs Trucks have installed the FASSI F990RA.2.28 to a 32 tonne Volvo FMX 4-axle chassis as a complete vehicle build, ready to go to work.

Macs Technical Director, Andy Hall, explains: “engineering the build for the F990RA onto this Volvo was particularly tricky because the crane has a compact leg spread of 8.5m. I had to design an entirely new subframe for it to handle the stresses without compromising stability or payload”.

The customer, RJC Lowloaders, has developed a reputation for specialising in difficult access or restricted site locations, particularly with their contracts for Network Rail & London Underground. The compact leg spread coupled with the FSC Stability Control system makes the FASSI F990RA very well suited to the application. With the FSC-SII stability system matched with HS supplementary outriggers, the crane can work up to rated capacity with the outriggers extended by only 25%, safely controlled by the tilt sensor. The addition of front mounted stabilisers allowing 90% lifting capacity over the cab completes this versatile complete vehicle solution.

The compact dimensions of the F990RA combined with Macs Trucks extending bed means that not only has no load length capability been lost (compared with the standard flatbed 8-wheeler) but additional capacity is achieved.

The F990RA.2.28 has eight extensions for a reach of 19.85m where it will lift 3,255Kg. The L426 flyjib has also been supplied extending this reach to 31.7m & 770Kg. Close in the crane will lift an impressive 21,500Kg.

Photo credit & many thanks go to Ian Shaw.