Back in the race

During round 7 of the FASSI Classic Speed Championship in July Scuderia FASSI finally ran out of talent & put our Fiat Abarth into the Armco barrier.

The good news is that thanks to the skill & dedication of DTR European Sportscars & Middle Barton Garage we are back in the race after missing rounds 8 & 9. The DTR European Sportscars guys pulled the body straight on their jig, rebuilt & painted the bodyshell before MBG replaced the steering & suspension.

We will be competing in the final round of the FASSI Classic Speed Championship at Prescott Speed Hill Climb this Saturday 7th October. With our new spotlights courtesy of Middle Barton Garage we are also running in Rallye Prescott on Saturday 4th November, with both daylight and early evening darkness runs in a tribute to the wonderful sport of rallying.

Scuderia FASSI would like to thank DTR’s Paul & MBG’s Tony & their teams of specialists for pulling out all the stops to get us back in the race in time for the season finale.

A final thanks goes to the Prescott volunteer marshalling & medical teams for their fast & professional response to our mishap.
Grazie mille!