At work with Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations

Gloucester based Keith Rhodes Machinery Installations have been in operation for nearly 40 years and are “Specialists in Motion” undertaking all aspects of abnormal loads and heavy haulage.

A recent job saw the company tasked with relocating the last surviving Gloster Javelin FAW4 X364 aircraft at the Jet Age Museum in Gloucester. The plane had been stored near the end of the runway since its arrival from RAF Leeming. The move allowed the Museum to assess the requirements for refurbishment and preservation of the aircraft into the future.

This fantastic photo shows Keith Rhodes using a FASSI F450CXP and F710RA crane in an impressive and carefully managed dual lift. The FASSI cranes are the perfect choice for a job such as this combining precision lifting along with manoeuvrability.

#fassiatwork – Photos courtesy of Carl Radford.