K & S Elephants

A lift they’ll never forget

Tewkesbury based K&S Transport Services is a family run business that prides itself on its ability to fulfil a range of transportation requirements across the South West and the UK.  The company says ‘If it can be lifted, we can move it.’  That statement was put to the test when this time last year the team arrived on-site at a farm in the Cotswolds to transport a herd of real-life wooden Elephant sculptures to Sudeley Castle, near Cheltenham.

The Elephant Family were part of a touring environmental art campaign by Co-Existence, which highlights the plight of animals in danger of extinction.  The installation’s aim was to illustrate how animals and humans can live together in society.

The company used their FASSI F420XP crane to lift and transport the elephants onto their lorry.  From the medium-duty range, the crane is a great companion for the job as it is extremely dynamic.  THE XP system can overcome complex situations without compromising the performance or safety of the crane.

Driving to Sudeley Castle took the team through the centre of Cheltenham.  K&S Transport’s Keith Hall said ‘I have never seen people get their phones out so quickly to get a picture; the way they looked and looked again with their mouths open. We had cars following us trying to get a photo.  It’s not every day that you get the chance to carry out a lift such as this, it was a real buzz.’

Just like an elephant, it is most definitely a lift Keith is not going to forget.