‘Out at work’ with Richardson Traction

Richardson Traction utilise their F710RA to light up Blackpool seafront.

Founded in 1980 by Gary Richardson, Richardson Traction is a road haulage firm based in Thornton, Lancashire. Working with their well-established network of partners and clients throughout the UK they have been providing transport services for a range of industry sectors for the past 40 years. Their team aims to provide customers with a range of high standard road haulage services and have recently acquired new specialist equipment including heavy duty FASSI cranes, refrigerated trailers, forklifts and low loaders enabling them to efficiently manage complex jobs.

David Darbyshire, FASSI operator for Richardson Traction says ‘I have worked on and off for Richardson Traction for over 10 years. The first new truck-loader crane the company bought was a FASSI 820RA on a Volvo FH 500 built by The Crane Centre at Sandbach. It’s been a great crane. With an increase in work-load we then acquired a FASSI F455A second-hand whilst looking for a new truck. The company then opted for a FASSI 710RA with 18 metre reach to better suit our customers’ needs.’

David goes on to say ‘I like the Volvo FH 540 combined with the FASSI. I especially like the safety features and the way Volvo Trucks and FASSI have worked together to show errors on the dash.’

Setting up the famous Blackpool Illuminations on the sea front certainly presents its challenges. It’s no surprise in the UK that a key factor is the great British weather – wind and rain. Another hurdle is the dark and noisy environment. As it gets later in the day there are many people around and the sound of Blackpool’s infamous attractions can make it difficult to hear. The combination of the FASSI crane and the skill of the operator however are a great match for the job in hand.

The efficient work of Richardson Traction has ensured that Blackpool Light Pool has been a regular customer over the years, and they have built up a strong working relationship. Having become so impressed with the FASSI F710RA and its reach, it came as no surprise to company owner Wayne Richardson that Blackpool Light Pool managed to secure funding to acquire their own crane. The good news for FASSI UK is that it is to be a FASSI F710RA this time on a DAF with the order once again going to The Crane Centre.