‘Out at work’ with D Smith Specialist Transport

Installing a welfare village for workers at a housing association in Enfield


Based in Essex, and with a fleet of crane trucks ranging from 36-82 T/M, D Smith’s fleet of FASSI’s are a familiar sight in London. The company regularly moves between 35-55 cabins a day in the Capital.

A recent job saw them working with a long-standing customer at a housing association in Enfield to install a large welfare village for the construction workers. As the road closure and bus detour into the housing estate was in place for only one day (and took 2 months to get council approved) it was important to work quickly and efficiently to get the job done.

Using a carefully mapped out plan, the company laid down their own trackway road and placed their FASSI F485RA and FASSI F800RA at each end of the site. The numerous, different-sized containers were then fed in a specific order onto the lorry loaders.

The FASSI cranes are perfect for this type of work as Stewart Smith explains:

‘Many of our clients like us using the large 80 and 82 t/m 360 loaders for larger installs of over 6 cabins it makes for a clean tidy and productive delivery rather than separate trucks rigging and de rigging on and off site all day and requiring site inductions.’

This job was successfully completed and signed off by 4 pm ready for the client to connect the services the next day. Another satisfied customer.