Protocol for overriding of safety systems in the event of a breakdown

ALLMI guidance note no 23

Who the guidance is aimed at:

  • Persons carrying out servicing and repairs of loader cranes and their Employers.
  • Persons and organisations that own and operate loader cranes.

Click here to download ALLMI guidance note 023: gn023—protocol-for-provisional-overriding-of-safety-systems

FASSI crane Use & Maintenance Manuals, chapters relating to above protocol

UMM01 – F22A to F485RA

Chapter 11: Failure conditions: umm01-chap-11

Chapter 3: Health & Safety Instructions: umm01-chap-3

UMM02 – F510RA to F1950RA

Chapter 11: Failure conditions: umm02-chap-11

Chapter 3: Health & Safety Instructions: umm02-chap-3

The complete Use & Maintenance Manual is supplied with the crane & must be kept in the truck cab at all times. If a replacement is required it can be ordered through the authorised service network.

Product familiarisation training to the Fassi UK checklist is available on request from our authorised service network.