With the Internet of Cranes® cranes are under control and online

With FASSI's patented Internet of Cranes® - IoC, all cranes fitted with the system are online. This gives both the operator & the FASSI UK product support team live data to minimise crane downtime & maximise operational efficiency.   

This service is paid for separately and activated via a subscription that includes a SIM card. Various extension packages are available at time of crane order:

  • IoC with SIM included, valid for 1 year 
  • Extension of SIM validity up to 2, 4, 7 or 10 years

The system uses a web portal where the user can view data collected by the system and sent via the SIM to the dedicated cloud server. This portal is the control interface for all the information made available by the IoC system. It is accessible from any PC, tablet or smartphone with internet capability and web browser. Specifically the user can access:

  • Telemetry and diagnostics. Immediate reading from all of the sensors, including the output of the load moment limiter & alarm codes **. This provides our product support team with the data required to resolve problems quickly. 
  • Geo positioning system (GPS). Instant reading of geographic position data of the vehicle/crane *.
  • Viewing of the black box recorder data **.
  • Statistics regarding the usage of the crane *.
  • Monitoring of residual life and routine preventative maintenance indicator *.
  • Parameter changes and software updates **.

Some of these functions are available to the crane operator * and others are available only to the FASSI UK product support team **.

All supplies of goods and/or services are sold subject to our Conditions of Sale which are available to download at here or available on request from Fassi UK. The Conditions of Sale form part of the contract between the parties.