SMMT statement ref NSSTA

July 2014

SMMT have released the attached statement regarding the relaxation of types for the National Small Series Type Approval (NSSTA) scheme.

FASSI UK, MIRA & our dealer group have worked closely with VCA to understand exactly how the relaxation could be beneficial. 

Less approvals but no cost saving

The proposed process does not make NSSTA any easier to obtain but breaks the link between the base vehicle manufacturer type & the approval allowing in theory multiple manufacturers in a single approval. Although in theory this would allow for a significant reduction in the number of approvals required in practice this makes each approval extremely large & complex to prepare. The VCA costs in inspecting this multiple manufacturer application will not be any less than if each manufacturer type had been submitted individually as the work required remains the same.

Problems managing extensions

In addition when the base vehicle manufacturer issues an extension to their base approval to cover changes to the specification this triggers a requirement for the bodybuilder to extend their approval accordingly. An extension to just one of the multiple manufacturers contained within any given approval would trigger this process making it likely that the approval would be in a state of perpetual extending or invalidity.

But there are some benefits

Where the new process will be of benefit is in combining the multiple base vehicle types that some manufacturers have to cover a single category. For instance Volvo have four base vehicle types to cover 3 axle rigids & these could all now be put into a single approval where previously four would have been required. Again however the VCA inspection costs will not reduce as the work required is the same.  

Nothing has really changed

So it would seem the relaxation is not going to significantly simplify the process or save any money as the work required to prepare, submit & inspect an approval has not materially changed.

Click here for approvals held by the FASSI group. 

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