New heavy crane range 'xhe'

July 2014

New FASSI crane models F820RA, F990RA, F1350RA & F1550RA xhe-dynamic

The new cranes belong to the xhe-dynamic range & maximise the performance potential granted by the HD5 design class.  

The performance increase achieved is indeed remarkable: for example the F820RA xhe-dynamic has an increase of +8% tonne metre capacity over the F800RA.

This increased performance is achieved with no increase in weight over the F800RA & with a price difference of just +5%.

The xhe-dynamic range comes as standard with the new FX900 control system featuring a touch display screen & FSC-SII stability control as well as a carbon look cover

For more information or a lifting chart please contact Peter May on 01926 889779. 

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