New F710RA xhe-dynamic

October 2016

New F710RA xhe-dynamic weighs the same as the F660RA but increases the lifting capacity by 6% 

The new crane belongs to the xhe-dynamic range & maximises the performance potential granted by the HD5 design class & the FX900 control system.  

As with the F820RA launched last year, the performance increase achieved is impressive: the F710RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic increases the lifting capacity by 6% over the F660RA.2.26.

This increased performance is achieved with no increase in weight over the F660RA & with a price difference of just +5% (**subject to the supplementary outrigger spread required to achieve stability**).

The xhe-dynamic range comes as standard with the FX900 control system featuring a touch display screen & FSC-SII stability control as well as carbon look covers. The crane is also available with the optional V7 Scanreco radio remote control.  

The F710RA xhe-dynamic is available to order now. 

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