New F485A & F485RA

April 2014

New FASSI crane models F485A.2 & F485RA.2 xe-dynamic

These new cranes represent the latest step of the technological evolution of the models F455A.2 & F455RA.2 from which they inherit both configurations & options. 

The new cranes belong to the xe-dynamic range & maximise the performance potential granted by the HD5 design class.  

The performance increase achieved is indeed remarkable: the F485RA.2.22 has a maximum capacity of 48.42tm which is 9% more than the F455RA.2.22.

This increased performance is achieved with no increase in weight over the F455A / F455RA & with a price difference of less than 5%.

With the launch on the market of these new models FASSI have inaugurated the new middle-heavy range xe-dynamic that will be completed in the coming months with further models. This is our reply to the products offered by our competitors & classified in the HD5 class.  

To download the brochure for the F485A.2 & F485RA.2 xe-dynamic click here

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