Lift more closer in

September 2014

Lift more closer in with FSC-SII

The new FX900 control system represents the natural continuation of the tried and tested FX800 system by making use of the new generation of electronic components & software to achieve enhanced crane performance.

FX900 brings the processing capacity for new optional functions from the F510RA & above (standard on xhe range):

  1. A 7 inch touch screen colour display with graphical representation of crane capacity at any given stabiliser configuration.
  2. FSC-SII stability control: 
  • Features a faster inclination sensor maximising the available stability that can be converted into usable lifting capacity. The outriggers enter L2 variable mode after 25% outrigger extension. From this point the inclination sensor regulates the rated lifting capacity in line with truck stability.
  • Allows crane to work on the advantaged 'x' slope side with no limits in terms of inclination. 

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