F110B 20% lighter

January 2013

Introducing two new models, the F110B.1 & F110B.2 dynamic / F120B.2 e-dynamic.

The new models offer a number of advantages over the F110A.0/F120A.0 including;

- 20% weight reduction over the F110A.0

- Single (F110B.1) or double (F110B.2) linkage to maximise lifting performance through the lifting arc

- Pro link system (15º) on outer boom (F110B.2)

- Shorter outer boom for improved lifting height under hook 

- Reduction of overall dimensions 

- Hydraulic or manual extendable outrigger options (standard, extra & super-extra spreads) 

- Option of new manually tiltable outrigger system (OET) with gas spring for ease of operation 

- Option of hydraulically tiltable outriggers 

- Availability of .25 version for 2m additional reach over the F110A.0 

The current F110A.0 / F120A.0 will be replaced by the new F110B.0 in the early part of 2013.

For more details & a specification sheet please call Pete May on 01926 889779.

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