Easy to use FSC display

14 October 2013

New 'easy to use' display for Fassi Stability Control system FSC

The new display clearly shows the position of each outrigger extension & outrigger ram, for example:

a. Type of FSC system installed (L, M1, M2, S)

b. Outrigger ram 1-2 down on the ground (solid black dot)

c. Stability level status L1 (side 1-4)

d. Outrigger ram 3-4 down on the ground (solid black dot)

e. Stability level status L3 (side 2-3)

f. Tilt indicator (FSC-S only). Keep the black dot in the square for optimum stabilisation.

The display is visible whenever the crane is in outriggers mode. 

It is available initially with the introduction of software version 3.50 on all rack & pinion cranes with FX500 control system up to and including the F455A.2.

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