Easy to use animations

August 2020

“Easy to Use” Animated Videos: who’s behind them?

Our series of “Easy to Use” animated help videos were designed with feedback from you, the operators. Covering your frequently asked questions they are short and to the point, plus they can be viewed silently, perfect when no audio is available, or if on a busy, loud construction site. 

The company behind the animations are Redditch based Tweak Video, an Explainer Video agency capable of delivering 3D renders.

“It was a natural progression really” explains Director, Matt Peake, “After filming three video promo testimonials for FASSI, a casual conversation about the benefits of 3D animation led to an opportunity. With low costs of producing 3D renders, we predicted we could save the support team time and resources with common operational queries from users. We certainly achieved that goal”

With a library of nine videos at the time of writing, our Easy to Use Videos cover everything from “outrigger deployment” to clearing “error messages” and number 10 is currently in production.

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