APM Hydraulics service partner

10 September 2015

APM Hydraulics: FASSI authorised service partner based in Bedfordshire.

FASSI UK are pleased to announce the appointment of a new FASSI authorised service partner, APM Hydraulics, based in Bedfordshire. 

Alex McIntosh is an experienced & respected engineer operating an on-site service & repair van radiating out from his base in Bedfordshire. Alex is equipped with the FASSI service laptop & has key spare parts on board for same day breakdown repair.

He can be contacted on 07986 849093 or alex.apmhydraulics@gmail.com.

Among the main manufacturers FASSI UK are the most vigorous supporter & promoter of the independent crane repair sector through our national network of 20 authorised dealers & service partners. Our Product Support Engineer Ken West continuously trains & coaches our service partners to develop their engineers expertise & keep them up to date with all FASSI systems.


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