Andy earns Bronze

December 2016

FASSI UK's Andy Bentley earns his BRONZE Engineer award

If you thought he just did the spare parts then please read on. 

Andy has been with FASSI UK since 2005 when he joined the team to work in the parts department. His first job was to implement the the computer based system that we take for granted today. Soon he was working to support Steve Weavers with the service helpdesk & managing job requests through the SupportDesk system. Andy designed & built the skills matrix & training log program that Ken West uses to manage the FASSI Training Academy

Every month for the last 18 months Andy has been out in the field with Ken working his way through the skills necessary to achieve BRONZE engineer level. As those who are enrolled in the academy will know the skills have to be demonstrated 'solo' to Ken to the required level, specifically:

"A Bronze Approved Engineer has demonstrated the basic skills, including: using the service laptop to view black box information and update firmware, system component identification for FX500, FX500R, FX900 and FSC systems, and diagnosis and repair of MOL system. A Bronze Approved Engineer is also able to liaise with the Fassi service helpdesk for diagnosis and repair of Alarm codes, is able to carry out operator familiarisation, and has an ALLMI operator’s certificate."   

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