Thoroughly modern operators

March 2019

Out at work with D&G Noble & their FASSI F545RA.

D& G Noble has expanded its FASSI crane fleet with an F545RA xe-dynamic, specified with the ultimate combination of FSC-SII stability system and HS supplementary outriggers. 

Operator Phil Holmes, commented:

“FSC-SII & HS supps means it is easier for a colleague to pull alongside (in a limited space) to be loaded. I can jack knife the trailer fully because I don’t have to fully extend my back legs, allowing me load my own trailer more efficiently.

When lifting over the cab, the system can take into account any weight that is on the bed (like a counter balance) to increase my lifting capacity.”

Click here to see more photos & read about the crane, the company & the people. 

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Thoroughly modern operators