F545RA out at work

May 2017

Out at work with Mass Group & their new FASSI F545RA.2.26 with L324 flyjib

Mass Group is a construction company operating in the South West of England. For their new crane vehicle they turned to FASSI main dealer Avon Crane. With stability & weight calculations provided by our own Kevin Stanley the FASSI F545RA.2.26 with L324 flyjib was married to a 3 axle tractor unit at Avon's Bristol workshops.

With the addition of the L324 flyjib the F545RA has a reach of 26m where is can still lift nearly a tonne making it the perfect machine for roof truss work.

The Fassi F545RA xe-dynamic is the last model in the XE range. It is an all-new crane designed to complete the high capacity range between the F485RA xe-dynamic and the F560RA he-dynamic models. The new crane has been designed to build on the performance of the current smaller model in the XE range and take it further. 

With this new model, Fassi achieves the goal of producing a true 50 tonne/metre crane with a footprint that is compact enough for installation on a 3-axle chassis. The performance achieved is indeed remarkable when compared to the smaller model. The new crane gives a 10% increase in lifting capacity with just a 3% increase in weight.  

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F545RA out at work