Case Studies

  • RS French & HS supps

    RS French & HS supps

    R.S French explain how FSC-SII & HS supplemntary outriggers benefit them R.S.French Ltd are a well established family-run business and one of the largest suppliers of portable housing units to Kent. For Director and Operations Manager, Matthew F ...

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  • Thoroughly modern operators

    Thoroughly modern operators

    Out at work with D&G Noble & their FASSI F545RA. D& G Noble has expanded its FASSI crane fleet with an F545RA xe-dynamic, specified with the ultimate combination of FSC-SII stability system and HS supplementary outriggers.  Operato ...

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  • Selecting useful functions

    Selecting useful functions

    Easy to use: Selecting useful crane functions using the radio remote control. The rotary selector on the radio remote control can be used to select some very useful functions including the screen backlight for working in the dark, crane speed reduct ...

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  • STABILITY STOP explained

    STABILITY STOP explained

    Easy to use: How to clear the message 'STABILITY STOP' For all models fitted with stability control system FSC-S & FSC_SII. The message 'STABILITY STOP' appears when all of the available truck stability has been converted into crane lifting ...

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  • Stabiliser levels L1-L3

    Stabiliser levels L1-L3

    Deploying stabilisers to levels L1, L2 & L3 As a leader in innovation FASSI cranes use the latest technology & systems to deliver class leading lifting performance in complete safety.   Our dealers use the FASSI UK checklist at cr ...

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  • F820RA for Dyce Carriers

    F820RA for Dyce Carriers

    Aberdeens Dyce Carriers take delivery of a new FASSI F820RA.2.26 In a little over forty years Dyce Carriers have grown to become a National Road Transport business with over 100 employees and a modern fleet of around 100 vehicles. Their head office ...

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  • New 'easy to use' tilt o/r's

    New 'easy to use' tilt o/r's

    New 'easy to use' hydraulic tiltable outrigger ram system In order to improve the ease of operation compared to the previous chain system, FASSI have developed a new tiltable outrigger system utilising linkages.  It enables a complete 180&de ...

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  • Pickerings Plant & FSC-SII

    Pickerings Plant & FSC-SII

    The latest additions to the Pickerings Plant fleet all feature the FSC-SII stability system paired with the new range of ‘HS’ supplementary outriggers. Replacing the existing linear micro switch with the digital encoder already used on t ...

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  • RAF 100th anniversary

    RAF 100th anniversary

    Out at work with Shane Baker of Allens Transport and his FASSI F820RA As part of yesterdays RAF 100th anniversary celebrations Shane spent the afternoon at RAF Fairford lifting the wings onto a Spitfire for display. The 'mm' precision control &am ...

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  • F365A for Jarvis

    F365A for Jarvis

    Out at work with Jarvis Group & their FASSI F365A.2.25 A long-established construction group based in Hertfordshire, the Jarvis Group acquired its muscular new flagship from Mercedes Dealer S & B Commercials. Jarvis Contracting works primar ...

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